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MAIL IN - Brian Baumgartner

$65.00 USD

Brian Baumgartner - Mail In Option


This option is a Mail In Option. If you purchase this option, please send us a flattened out, Kevin Malone Funko Pop Box. If you would like us to provide the Funko, please do NOT purchase this option. 

Shipping Details
Use the address below to send us your Funko. 

Please include a Post-It note with your Funko that includes your full name and order number. This will help us keep track of your Funko box. 

Please send us your Funko box only. Please flatten out the box and ensure it is secure and packaged safely. Send us the box to our PO Box. (Send via USPS - FedEx, UPS or other Mail providers do not ship to a PO Box. We also recommend insuring your package.) We are not responsible for lost or damaged Funko Boxes. Please send to:

(Note: Send via USPS, FedEx or UPS do NOT ship to PO Boxes.)

Michael Gray
PO Box 690369
Orlando, FL 32869


Paint Pen
Brian will use a yellow paint pen. 

All Mail In orders will be shipped back with our DPO COA. If you do not want our COA on your Funko, please let us a note in the notes section with your tracking number. 

Return Shipping
When you purchase this option, you will be charged for shipping, this is the payment for us shipping your Funko back to you. We recommend Priority Shipping as it includes USPS insurance. If you have additional questions, please let us know. 

We are expecting to have these signed in August or September. The expected ship date is October. If this changes, we will send out an update. 

Hard Stack 
If you select a hard stack addon, your Funko will be shipped back to you inside the hard stack acrylic case. These are Funko Branded. 

Accepted Items
We are only accepting Funko Pop boxes for this signing.