Randy Orton - Autographed Funko Pop (Pre-Sale)

Pre-sale Terms & Conditions:
When purchasing this item, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the listing. 

Please read the FULL description before purchasing. 

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- Funko Pop will be $65.00 plus shipping and will include a DPO COA. 

- This is for a future signing taking place in November and the Pops will ship in December. **Signing is estimated and could change. We will ship the Pops once they have been signed. 

- Funko will be shipped in a soft protector with DPO COA. (Stacker available for additional cost)

- Limited quantities available. All sales are final, no refunds will be issued for cancelled orders. 

- Funkos will be signed with an Orange or Green Paint Pen. 

- This is an individual purchase, no subscription required. No other items will be included with this POP. 

- If signing is cancelled, a full refund will be issued. 

- Boxes are NOT guaranteed to be in MINT condition. Minor dents, creases or other imperfections may happen due to the signing situation. Box is guaranteed to not have severe damage, dented corners or tears.

- We recommend using priority shipping at check out as this includes insurance. We are not responsible for lost or missing packages. 

- If you combine this item with a different item at checkout to save on shipping, your order will ship when both items are available and ready to ship. If you need a single item sooner than the other, order them separately. 

Add Ons:

Inscriptions: If you add an inscription, you can choose to have "The Legend Killer" or "The Viper" added to the signature. These are the only two options available. 

Pop Stackers: All the regular pops will ship in a soft case. You can add a hard "Pop Stacker" to your order and your Pop will ship in the hard case. The soft protector is not an additional charge.

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